Sunday, 12 August 2012

Google Earth

Google Earth

During the course of making the landscape, I couldn't visualize every hill crater on the moon. My team couldn't and we struggled a lot to think how a lunar rile, wrinkle ridges looked. 

We needed to find a solution. We needed or satellite captured images to understand about the surface of the moon. In order to solve this I decided to go to the web. During the course of my search, I saw the resource Material provided on the Moonbots website.

They added a lot more material than when in the first phase. 

In those, One thing caught my eye:

I had downloaded a very old version of Google earth and this is a million times better. 

You can see the moon in Google Earth.

I could see all the craters on the moon and so I say this is literally the best resource you can find. Now I know how a rille looks like from a satellite camera. It even shows you interactive models of the lunar rovers.

See how awesome it is.
Clearly this will help, if you are doing any experiment related to the moon.
It is the perfect gadget. 

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