Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Moonbots 2012 Results Released

Moonbots 2012 results have been released.

You can find it

Congratulations to Grand Prize winner Hungarobots and the runner-ups. There has been a lot of competition and even though we didn't get a prize we are happy to have participated. It was a tough journey and we hoped for a reward but we will try another time.

Currently there are no competitions so we made our own self assigned project. It is making a Robot Missile Launcher. 
  • Our robot will find a target which is a bounded horizontal net.
  • It will choose an angle and shoot a ball so that it falls into the net.
  • The range of the robot depends on the velocity of the ball (experimental)
If you want to know our plans to make this robot, we'll release it this Saturday

Good Luck to all Teams and thanks to Moonbots for this opportunity,, bye.

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