Phase 2

Countdown to our live stream demonstration:

We Atomic Robot are selected to phase 2 of the challenge.

We have incorporated the themes :

Google Lunar X Prize Mission

Lunar Night Rover Challenge

Everybody please read our Research Document for a better understanding of our Game Idea

 These are our models from each of the four sides.

 Our model features unique lunar landscape features such as:

 Water Ice Tunnel

Solar Panel
High Temperature Zone
Asteroid Zone

You can check the 3D pictures :

This is our start base of the robot.

Our robot shall cross Mighty Lunar Craters

  The water ice tunnel, I have removed the tunnel for your easy understanding.

 The Defective Solar Panel our robot will collect.

 The mysterious High Temperature Zone that our robot will investigate.

 Finally the most mysterious asteroid zone that our robot will investigate in depth.

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