Stem Outreach

Our news Outreach

We have even come live on HMTV News Channel as a part of our Live Outreach

We came on a nationwide Newspaper HINDU:

We have also featured on a South India Newspaper - Deccan Chronicle who are planning to do a story on our team. The interview is tomorrow and we might be able to show that article in time.

We also featured in a Local Newspaper EENADU that gave the best coverage of moon bots and our robot.... Its in the local language TELUGU and it is the most famous one. We got a dozen calls regarding this competition and our efforts once this article was released.

Well translating it word to word is tough but the article in the white background describes the competition and the rules while the Yellow and pink background describe what we want to say.

If you can read this and are having problems with just the main word then let me just tell you the tough words meanings....

antharaglayi - the Telugu word for Internet.

We are in the process of releasing a document that explains how we made our robot and our landscape. This article shall always be there in the outreach page.

Competitions in our school.

We have recently in our school conducted a quiz on the moon in order to spread the word of Google Lunar X Prize, Team Indus and our team in Google Moonbots.
Here are some photos.

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