Wednesday, 7 November 2012

We've got sponsors

This post is to inform you that we have got sponsors for our participation in the tournament. Something we are very proud of.

Their name is Lead Robotics and it is a recent city based business, that involves children learning the important principles of Physics, Maths and Electronics by playing with different toys. They have even included Lego in parts of their curriculum. 

Their website is THIS. Be sure to check out their gallery if you are interested. 

Why do we need sponsors?

Frankly, I was asking this question myself until yesterday. While we were conducting a test run yesterday, Our robot slipped from the chair, fell down and broke into many pieces. ( Lego Pieces did not break, it just got dismantled). But still we spent lots of time fixing it all up and we learnt a big lesson. So now with the help of our sponsors kit we are planning to make another model of our robot, so that even if our model breaks or the brick malfunctions, we can always use the spare model. Hence we have taken out certain worries from our head.

Overall I think having a sponsor is great and be sure to check out my phase 2 page, Something new has come.

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